Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a very specific, gentle massage technique. It was developed to direct fluid away from swollen area/s and have influence on the lymphatic structures. All depending on the location of the swelling, as well as the degree thereof an appointment is generally scheduled for about an hour.

It normally starts with treating the neck and upper body first and thereafter the affected limb or area/s. It is recommended that the treatment is scheduled daily in the acute phase if possible otherwise it may be adjusted accordingly.

Although MLD is seen as a gentle treatment, MLD should not be performed under the following circumstances:
Cellulitis (infection)
Congested heart failure
Recent DVT
Renal failure

MLD Treatment

The first MLD Treatment will normally take half an hour longer as the following information is gathered and discussed; personal information such as individual and familial history of illnesses, allergies or intolerances, medical operations and relevant diagnosis, chronic and OTC medication used, sleep patterns, energy levels, relaxation, exercise regimen and nutrition.

Important: You will be advised that should you be under any doctor’s treatment at present, that you will proceed as prescribed.

Information gathered will be used in order to allow for a lifestyle assessment as well as taking a decision if treatment is suitable as there are also other contra-indications that may be more specific to each patient.

MLD treatments thereafter generally takes about 60 minutes to complete all depending various other individual factors.

While MLD is an important part of the complete lymphedema treatment, it is most effective when used in conjunction with the other components, e.g. compression in the case of lymphedema of the limb.